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Wednesday, 16. March 2011
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Leaf-cutter ants are a most amazing species.

Their society is almost as complex and structured as we know it from our own. Each individual has a specific set of tasks that change through their life cycle. It is depending on the age of an ant what kind of chores it has to perform:
Still young and strong they collect leaves and provide safety to their nest. Later on they care about the mutualist fungus that (partly) feeds the stock by fermenting the cut leaves brought in by the workers. After that they pull out the debris, left-over leaves, and the wastes accumulating after the fungi have extracted the nutrients they needed for growth.

Once an individual dies it still services its colony. The dead are carried to the waste dump and are placed around it in a circle ....

(more to come, please call back here at your convenience ....)

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harvesting The amount of food
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@ intro Leaf-cutter ants are
a most amazing species. Their society is almost as complex...
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