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Wednesday, 23. March 2011
ant-fungus-mutualism = symbiosis

As stated before the ants need the fungi to feed their offspring and for this reason they have to carry it along when moving the nest from one place to another. The fungus needs the ants to provide the chopped, chewed and minced leaves it lives on. It also needs the ants in order to be disseminated.

In fact, the ants go even further in protecting the fungi:
They produce a nourishing fluid in glands on the outside of their skeleton. This feeds another species of fungi that produce an anti-biotic which is capable of destroying any kind of other bacteria or fungi in competition to its own symbiotic fungus.

Quite amazing, isn't it?
A masterpiece of Evolution, that started approximately 20 Million years ago ....

(more to come, please call back here at your convenience ....)

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ant-fungus-mutualism = symbiosis As stated
before the ants need the fungi to feed their offspring...
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