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Monday, 11. April 2011

The amount of food a colony of leaf-cutting ants needs is humongous:
4g of leaves per worker per day - which adds up to a total of 12-14% of the leaf production in rainforest areas.

Whilst the leaf fragments are carried tiny 'minima' [smallest caste in leaf cutting ants] sit on them [not always, but very often] and thus prevent parasitic flies to lay their eggs on the leaves from which larvae will hatch - and feed on the leaf cutters offspring ....

Still more amazing is how much weight such a small worker - [approximate/average] length 1,1-1,7cm; weight 300-500mg - can carry:
50 times its own weight.

(more to come, please call back here at your convenience ....)

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@ intro Leaf-cutter ants are
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