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Monday, 2. May 2011

Some time ago I was approached by a young man who wanted to start a business of his own. He had the idea to sell fried insects to the general public in Germany. He asked me because my field of studies had been the physiology of ants - he just wanted to be sure the animals themselves wouldn't be a threat to the health of potential consumers.

To make the long story short:
I ate a few handfull of roasted, salted leaf cutter ants (about two years ago) - and I'm still alive*.

The attempt to set up shop wasn't successful. The German authorities weren't up to the task: No risk taken, insects are not for consumption as food for humans - was their verdict. Hence no business ....

I thought it was a good idea and could have been a success. The ants tasted similar to peanuts, roasted, salted peanuts - with the difference that they contain less fat, more protein and last longer because one has to grind their exoskeleton thouroughly by chewing on it for quite some time ....

  • OK, I also had fried, seasoned grasshoppers, silk worms, bees, water scorpions and beetles - none of those were disgusting, but I'd prefer the ants ....
(more to come, please call back here at your convenience ....)

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